ISEE & SSAT Expert Tutoring and Test Prep Coaching

The ISEE (Independent School Entrance Exam) and SSAT (Secondary School Admissions Test) are a part of the admissions process for many independent schools in the US and some American schools throughout the world. Admissions exams tend to be more competitive–both in content and in scoring–than other exams.

The good news? We can use this occasion of preparing for these exams as a way to build and refine habits that will benefit students far beyond the test.


  • ISEE (primary, lower, middle, and upper level)
  • SSAT (middle and upper level)

Academic support

When students learn in a group setting, they sometimes have questions they don’t ask, or they need more time or repetition with a particular skill, but the class has moved on. Supplementing classroom learning with 1:1 learning can be empowering for students. Students build confidence when they see that they can “get” concepts or topics they might not have gotten in a group setting.


  • General academic support for American grades 3-9 in reading, writing, math, general study skills, and executive functioning
  • Learning differences support
  • Academic support when transitioning between school systems globally.

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