ISEE & SSAT Expert Tutoring and Test Prep Coaching

You might be thinking, “Yikes! The ISEE!”

Your kids would probably prefer to do anything else.

I don’t blame you. Or them.

Test prep has never been known for invoking feelings of joy.

But what if the journey of test prep felt a lot more like getting good at a game?

That’s how I see the process of preparing for the ISEE and SSAT. I see it as an opportunity to shift habits, to build skills, to develop a winning mindset.




  • ISEE (primary, lower, middle, and upper level)
  • SSAT (middle and upper level)

Academic support

When students learn in a group setting, they sometimes have questions they don’t ask, or they need more time or repetition with a particular skill, but the class has moved on. Supplementing classroom learning with 1:1 learning can be empowering for students. Students build confidence when they see that they can “get” concepts or topics they might not have gotten in a group setting.


  • General academic support for American grades 3-9 in reading, writing, math, general study skills, and executive functioning
  • Learning differences support
  • Academic support when transitioning between school systems globally.

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