Re-imagining the game of test prep We're here to win, of course.

But what if preparing for the ISEE or SSAT could be joyful? What if the journey could be more “Yes! I can do this!” and less “Oh no, not the ISEE!?”

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What we do

If transitioning to an independent school is the next step for your child, the ISEE or SSAT is a critical component of the process. We specialize in preparation for these important admissions exams.


ISEE & SSAT Tutoring

Expert, individualized test preparation for admissions to K-12 independent schools.

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Academic Support

Achieve academic breakthroughs in elementary or middle school subjects.

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Watermelon Math™

42-math concept cards, curated for the lower and middle level ISEE and SSAT.

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What our families think...

My children follow the French curriculum and need to present the ISEE in order to apply to US schools. I decided to start coaching my eldest (age 9 and was very lucky to meet Kelly who has been from the beginning very reassuring and positive. Her lessons are thorough, fun and instructive, always with the objective to give the student the skills needed to tackle the ISEE. Kelly is a support that I highly recommend to anyone wanting his children to progress and succeed. Not only will you have a gifted teacher but also a lovely person!

- Mother of a lower level ISEE student

“Kelly Clement tutored our three children, ages 10, 12, and 13 for the ISEE exam. Kelly comes to the house twice a week and works with each of my kids for an hour. She is extremely knowledgeable and patient with all three of my kids. They each have their strengths and weaknesses and very different personalities and she is able to adapt her teaching style to each of them. What could have turned into a “I don’t want to work with Kelly” which was our fear as the time commitment has been significant for them, has in fact become “I want to work with Kelly first”. Not only has she improved their language and math skills, she has also taught them to be self confident in their abilities. The kids have come home from school and said they were able to apply what Kelly has taught them to their school subjects. We can’t thank her enough!”

- Mother of 3 ISEE students

“Kelly has been a tremendous resource. My daughter thoroughly enjoyed Kelly’s rapport and style. The idea of a “tutoring” session sometimes is not very appealing to an adolescent, however, my daughter always ended her sessions feeling relieved and positive about her progress. My daughter’s Math scores on both exams improved significantly and amazingly, she no longer abhors Math problems. Additionally, 8th grade Math seems like a breeze for her. It is rare to find someone as effective as Kelly still be able to maintain an engaging, pleasant demeanor—Kelly does this flawlessly.”

- Mother of an upper level SSAT student

“Kelly did a wonderful job preparing our twin 13 year old boys for the ISEE test here in London when we learned we were moving back to the USA after 10 years. The boys had attended English schools throughout our stay, so they were completely unfamiliar with US standardised tests. Kelly met them, assessed where they needed help, and developed a thoughtful action/lesson/homework plan for each boy (they are very different). Over a few short weeks their confidence levels and their ISEE practice scores improved markedly. In the end, they both did exceedingly well on their ISEEs and got into all the schools to which they applied! We think the world of Kelly and her team.”

- Father of two middle level ISEE students

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