Watermelon Math: Surprisingly Sweet Test Prep.™

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42 full-color, double-sided cards covering essential math concepts — improper fractions, integers, composite numbers, distributive property, perimeter, volume, divisibility rules and more! Hand-illustrated and thoughtfully-designed with visual clues to help concepts stick.

    • For elementary/middle school students in Grades 4, 5, and 6

    • Features essential math terms and concepts covered on the ISEE and SSAT exams (lower and middle levels)

    • Cards are sized 4in x 3.25in, perfect for on-the-go or independent study

    • Premium 350gsm, coated cards, and custom-designed two-part box

    • Engaging and colorful double-sided designs help students recall important math concepts

    • The perfect complement to your ISEE and SSAT test prep materials

    • Created by an ISEE and SSAT test prep expert

Learning recommended seal of approval by the Good Play Guide

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7 reviews for Watermelon Math: Surprisingly Sweet Test Prep.™

  1. Aunt Jenn

    I got these for my nephew because he really likes math. He prefers being on his iPad or computer, but these cards are cheerful and cute and kept him engaged. His parents (my brother and sister in law) prefer him to have real books and hard copy flash cards so he is not on his iPad and they really love the quality of watermelon math cards and the box! They said it will last generations for my younger nieces who are right behind because it is such a well made product. Thank you!

  2. Josh D’Alemberte

    My students love these cards!
    I tutor ISEE and SSAT daily and each of these cards contain concepts that my students must know. These creative and colorful cards not only capture my students’ attention, but they also capture their imagination. I have used them with 4th and 5th graders mostly but several 7th and 8th graders have also enjoyed them. A total home run!

  3. Kori Lyons

    I recently purchased the Watermelon Math test prep cards for my son, who is gearing up for the ISEE. Alongside a prep book, these cards have proven to be an invaluable resource.

    One of the standout features of these cards is their adorable design. The illustrations are not only visually appealing but also serve a crucial purpose in aiding comprehension. Witnessing my son giggle with delight as he engages with the cards on the couch is a heartwarming experience during what could be a very stressful time. The charming imagery truly brings the mathematical concepts to life and helps him form a vivid mental picture, making the learning process enjoyable and effective. My husband is an upper school math teacher and math coordinator and has remarked on the accuracy and effectiveness of the cards’ explanations of concepts and appreciates that our son is using the terms accurately to then explain more abstract concepts.

    Without giving away too much, the inclusion of a “surprise” card put my son over the top! It’s a delightful touch that kept him motivated without sacrificing any educational value, it is quite endearing and really demonstrates the ‘heart’ of the product and its creator.

    Incorporating these Watermelon Math test prep cards into a ISEE preparation routine has not only enhanced my son’s understanding of unfamiliar terms but given him agency – he and his sister have created little games with the cards – for example, they each take turns drawing a card and try to connect an explanation to the previous card. I highly recommend these cards to parents looking for a creative, encouraging and effective way to support their child’s test preparation journey!

  4. Kalen Lister

    Great product! As a test prep and academic tutor I can attest to the fact that these flash cards make learning these math concepts both more enjoyable and easier. The illustrations are accessible and clever. I’ll be using these cards for years to come, as well recommending them onto my clients.

  5. Brittany Holt

    These are beautifully designed and fun! I bought these for my daughter that takes a little longer to grasp math and I think they will help her a lot.

  6. Leah

    I am a math specialist who works many middle and high school students. I bought these cards because I love giving my students something tangible and visually appealing! The content on the cards is great, and they are beautiful! Such a great investment for any teacher/tutor or parent of students!

  7. L. Lyons

    I just took my ISEE test this morning. I used Watermelon Math cards as part of my preparation for the test, and this morning when I felt nervous I brought them along with me on the car ride to have a relaxed review. I really like the artwork because the pictures are cute and fun but also the way the pictures help me to understand and remember is the best. There were some math ideas that I have not learned yet in school, or I learned but did not know the name. For example, I am glad I reviewed this morning before the test because there was a really hard problem about median and mean values and I know I got it right because I saw those cards just this morning! I recommend these cards for their knowledge and also for how they made me feel calm. I am applying for fourth grade.

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